So long Mag North and RE:UNION

And so it goes…Years of preparation. Months of labor. Weeks of sleeplessness. For brief days, nights and moments of joyful execution. RE:UNION has come and gone, and we’re all so grateful for the contributions of so many for having made it such a worthwhile and enjoyable endeavor.

A big thank you to our hosts at Magnetic North Theatre Festival for having brought our show to this great event. Brenda Leadlay, Jennifer Fornelli, Jackie Young, Rachel Savard, Kristen Holfeuer, Owen Schellenberger, Thea Klinger and the numerous volunteers put in a lot of work to keep this great event going.

Thanks to Kevin Ryan at the NAC and Jonathan Lockhart at Academic Hall for making sure the right machines go in the right places.

Thanks to HHG Theatre publicist / associate producer Nancy Kenny and outreach coordinator Megan Piercey Monafu for their behind-the-scenes work.

A HUGE thanks to our ridiculously hard-working and resourceful production team of Lois Dawson, Kyle Ahluwalia, Jess Preece, and John Doucet.

And we could not have done this show without the talents and passions of our creative team: director / playwright / producer Sean Devine, director John Langs, cast Alexa Devine, Andrew Wheeler and Brad Long, and designers John Webber, Jason H. Thompson, Noah Drew, Flo Barrett and Vanessa Imeson.

And finally, we are very happy with how much the City of Ottawa and its artistic community has welcomed Horseshoes & Hand Grenades Theatre. We’re loving our new home, and we look forward to bringing you more great theatre in the months / years / decades to come.

Until next time!

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