Written by Sean Devine / Directed by John Langs

Premiere Production October 21st – November 12th 2011. Co-produced by Horseshoes & Hand Grenades Theatre and  Pacific Theatre, at Pacific Theatre in Vancouver. Developed in partnership with PTC

Re:Union was remounted in June 2015 at the Magnetic North Theatre Festival in Ottawa. 

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November 2, 1965. Norman Morrison drives to the Pentagon with his infant daughter, a jug of kerosene and a box of matches. With Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara looking on, the young Quaker carries out a final act of witness against the horrors of the Vietnam War. Thirty-six years later, in the wake of 9/11, his daughter returns to confront the aging McNamara, the memory of her father, and the costly legacy of sacrifice.

Andrew Wheeler as Robert McNamara in RE:UNION. Photo by Ron Reed

Andrew Wheeler as Robert McNamara in RE:UNION

Alexa Devine as E in Re:Union

Alexa Devine as Emily Morrison in RE:UNION

Brad Long as Norman Morrison in RE:UNION

Brad Long as Norman Morrison in RE:UNION

Press Reviews

REUNION Compiled Reviews

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Press Quotes

“As society struggles, with Occupy Wall Street, to articulate coherent resistance to institutionalized power, Re:Union feels particularly relevant.” Colin Thomas – The Georgia Straight

“A compelling exploration of a small piece of American history, Devine proves himself a playwright to watch. Not since Peter Morgan’s Frost/Nixon have I found American politics so interestingly portrayed on stage.” Mark Robins – Gay Vancouver

“Re:Union is by any standard a great play; given the fine production it has been accorded, it is one which demands to be viewed by all.” Alan Charlton, The B.C. Catholic

“Re:Union features moments of real clarity, humour and compassion throughout.” Andrea Warner – The Westender

“Director John Langs delivers an exquisite production. Andrew Wheeler mines McNamara’s arrogance and torment. Evan Frayne brings his trademark emotional nakedness. Alexa Devine’s performance is intelligent and resourceful.” Colin Thomas – The Georgia Straight

“Watching Sean Devine’s intelligent new play at Pacific Theatre, it’s impossible not to hear echoes of the Occupy Wall Street / Occupy Vancouver movement.”  Jerry Wasserman – The Province

Re:Union is theatre of the best sort: fresh, engaging, and bursting with an important, timely message. It provides a rare evening of theatre: intelligent, engaging, entertaining, and deeply thought-provoking.” Brian Paterson – Laura Murray Public Relations

“A powerful and striking piece of theatre.” Jo Ledingham – The Courier

Re:Union provides a thorough moral and intellectual workout, which makes it as unusual as it is welcome in Vancouver’s current theatre scene.” Colin Thomas – The Georgia Straight

“A lot of theatre wants to make you think, but it’s an all-too-rare experience in Vancouver that after the curtain falls, you race home to research more about a play’s subject matter. Re:Union lays a claim that wars and plays struggle to achieve: mission accomplished.” Andrea Warner – The Westender

“Three gripping performances.” Jo Ledingham – The Courier

“Sean Devine’s Re:Union is suddenly elevated beyond the history books in an engaging and clever look at a dark time.”  Mark Robins – Gay Vancouver

“The show is visually spectacular. John Webber makes the space transform. A powerful sound design by Noah Drew complements the brilliant videos and computer work by Jason H. Thompson. The cast is also brilliant.” David C. Jones – OUTtv

Re:Union fulfills Horseshoes & Hand Grenades mandate – to produce tough, compelling, thought-provoking theatre.” Jo Ledingham – The Courier

DISCLAIMER: Although Re:Union is based on certain real events, the characterizations of the persons depicted in this play are fictitious.

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