4:48 Psychosis

photo by: Tanis Saxby

4.48 PSYCHOSIS (2008)
by Sarah Kane
directed by Mindy Parfitt

Alexa Devine
Sean Devine
Colleen Wheeler

Set/Costumes/Lighting – Ana Cappelluto
Set/Costumes/Lighting Assistant – Corinne Merrell
Sound – Antoine Bedard

4.48 Psychosis is the journey through a woman’s mind as she struggles with sanity and her will to live. It is a personal portrayal of the need for love and the destructive nature of her mental illness. It explores the lines that define reality and what happens when they become blurred or non-existent. We meet a lover, a doctor and the voices that inspire reason and conjure delusion. This is the final work by one of England’s most influential contemporary dramatists.

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October 3-13, 2007

Award & Nominations:
Jessie Richardson Theatre Award Nomination 2007-2008
Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Lead Role: Colleen Wheeler

Jessie Richardson Theatre Award Winner 2007-2008
Outstanding Sound Design: Antoine Bédard

Jessie Richardson Theatre Award Winner 2007-2008
Outstanding Set Design: Ana Cappelluto

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