Except in the Unlikely Event of War

Written by Sean Devine / Directed by Richard Wolfe

Premiere production November 15 – 30, 2013. Co-produced by Pi Theatre and Horseshoes & Hand Grenades Theatre at The Roundhouse in Vancouver. 

The critics and audiences were buzzing. Check out these reviews!

A summit of minds in a secret military base. A radio broadcast from the brink of arctic war. A group of actors under government muzzle. Horseshoes & Hand Grenades Theatre and Pi Theatre present the world premiere of the bold political satire Except in the Unlikely Event of War, by Sean Devine (Re:Union).

Robert Moloney as right-wing shock jock Tommy Bane, bringing you the angry truth from ORBIT Media in the Canadian Arctic.

This darkly comic, distinctly Canadian work is a probing exploration of art, politics, war, and the messy areas where they become indistinguishable. This provocative new play is a weave of three stories: a loose adaptation of the 1960’s terrifying best-seller Report From Iron Mountain by Leonard C. Lewin, a startling analysis of the necessity of war, and referred to by the Guiness Book of Records as “the most successful literary hoax” of all time; a peek into Canada’s near future set in an Arctic landscape on the brink of global war; and a hilarious peek into the world of a theatre company working under tremendous authoritarian pressure.

Josette Jorge as Helen Lau, Canada’s newest conservative media sensation, still under the yoke of central control.



Playwright Sean Devine. Director Richard Wolfe. Starring Robert Moloney, Josette Jorge, Sean Devine, Lucia Frangione, and Richard Wolfe. Set designer Yvan Morissette. Lighting designer John Webber. Video projections by Cande Andrade. Costume design by Barb Clayden. Sound design by David Mesiha. Stage management by Lois Dawson and Christie Maxson.




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