RUN is the newest collective creation from HHG Theatre co-artistic director mindy Parfitt, being created and developed in tandem with choreographer / performer Amber Funk Barton (This Stays in the Room).

Between opposing ideas there often exists an area of connectivity where clear distinction does not exist, and where the concrete becomes fluid. This place is often an idea that we are running away from, or running towards. RUN seeks to explore this place of collision.

RUN is a collision between dance and theatre. The two artists, Amber Funk Barton (dancer / choreographer) and Mindy Parfitt (theatre performer / director), who are spearheading this project each come with specific skill sets in their creative medium. Their collaboration is building new cross-discipline performances and vocabulary. It affords them the opportunity to explore ideas and concepts from other cities and to incorporate each others practices into their own. RUN is a collision between audience and performer, between interactive technologies and human physicality, between true stories and devised text.

RUN will explore how we become a part of one another through sharing experiences, stories and images, and how through that process of sharing we become stronger as people, and how we disappear into one another.

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